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The Gospel

The Gospel is the good news for a world ruined by sin. God created mankind with the purpose of enjoying a perfect relationship with God and with each other, but man chose to rebel against the will of his creator and the disastrous results have affected all of creation ever since. The Bible teaches that our desires, actions, and words reflect sin’s effects residing not only around us but within our own hearts. This sin, rooted in our hearts and demonstrated through our actions, must receive its just penalty from God, who is the perfect Judge and who sees every thought and deed of man. The good news is that God is abundantly merciful and had a plan in place from the beginning to offer forgiveness from sin. This offer includes the hope of being washed clean from our sin, having the penalty paid for us, and even being credited with a perfect life!

All of this is only possible through the life and death of Jesus Christ, the Son of God sent to accomplish these things. He was able to do this by living a sinless life, taking our place and enduring the wrath of God on a cross, suffering death, and finally proving His righteousness and power when He rose from the grave. The promise is that through the simple act of believing what God has told us about Jesus in the Bible, all of these gifts can be ours resulting in a hope that we will spend eternity with God in His Kingdom. We seek to live our lives at Grace Community Church of Kansas City out of thankfulness for the free gift of God, the giving of His Own Son. This includes the act of telling others about this good news, inviting them to believe the same and eventually join us in a Kingdom, not of this world, one without sin, death, pain, and full of the presence of our gracious and merciful God.

We invite you to do just that, to believe completely the things God has revealed about Jesus in the Bible. We would love the opportunity to help you understand what the Gospel means for your life and how to live for Christ in every area of life.